Partnerships for Research, Innovation, and Multi-scale Engineering (PRIME) RET Site

The PRIME Program, funded by the National Science Foundation will provide K-12 teachers with summer research experiences in Georgia Tech Engineering labs. The teachers will also translate their research  experience into an arts-integrated engineering STEAM lesson plan for their classroom.   College of Engineering faculty hosted 14-16 teachers from Atlanta Public Schools, Clayton, Cobb, Decatur City Schools, Forsyth, Henry, Newton, and Dekalb County each year.

ArtsNOW Teaching Across the Curriculum was instrumental in helping to coach teachers about arts integration in science classrooms. Many people enjoy and remember content through artistic mediums, such as music, theater or drama, visual arts, or dance.  PRIME wants to capitalize on the excitement around STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) and explore the intersection of art and engineering to excite the next generation about engineering while at the same time teaching fundamental science and mathematics concepts.

PPRIME OverviewRIME teaching fellows created lessons on lithography and sensors for an earth science class, sonification of data for an algebra and physics class, engineering the periodic table for a chemistry class, and carbon nanotubes and heat transfer in art class to name a few. We look forward to testing these innovative and engaging lessons in the Fall and Spring.