STEAM: Astrobiology and Art Integration

 “Follow the Water"

Eraser Stamp, Tempera Paint on Paper 14” x 17”

Claire Zimmerman, Dunwoody High School Art Teacher

2012 Astrobiology Summer Camp STEAM Session at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Artist Statement:       The symbol I chose was that for water: H20. In learning about Astrobiology, the importance that water fulfills in hosting life is evident. Scientists have been able to find life in nearly every environment on Earth that has water. This suggests that life has the ability to adapt to any environment as long as it has water. These observations serve as the theme “follow the water” which guides NASA in its search for extraterrestrial life. By creating a stamp of the water symbol, I was able to visually connect the importance of water in the search for life by repeating the pattern throughout the piece - signifying the repeating structure of H20 in water as well as the distribution of water itself throughout the universe. The colors I chose reflect the colors of the ice sheet found surrounding Europa and this in turn provokes us to question how deep life would have to be hiding in order to be surrounded by liquid water and survive on this frozen satellite.